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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Signs That You’re Headed for a Break-Up


Your tears don’t work anymore.
If your tears or any of the other things you used to do to provoke  a reaction from him no longer work, his emotions may no longer be in the relationship. Be mindful of his reactions to your conversations or the things that seem important to you. If he doesn’t seemed phased, he may be ‘phasing’ out of the relationship.

He tells you he needs a break
Some people really just need a break while others use this as an easy trasition out of a relationship. Maybe he really needs a break, but also prepare yourself for a break that could be indefinite

He no longer has sex with you.
Sex or other physical contact was a normal occurrence in your relationship but now its scarce, this could be  a red flag. Even more so, if your sex now seems routine and lacks emotion, you may be headed for break-up

You get the impression that you’re annoying him
If you get the impression that you’re bothering him, you probably are. If you’re the one calling, planning dates, or initiating conversations and he seems irritated by all of these acts, he just may be over you. Of course, there’s  that fine line of him just having a bad couple of days, but if this has been happening for quite some time, you should probably prepare yourself for a break-up.

You argue more than not.
If your arguments outweigh your normal conversations, you could just be going through a rough patch in your relationship. Still, it’s something to be mindful of to ensure that your relationship isn’t coming to an end. Try to be rationale and figure out the causes of the arguments.

You haven’t heard from him in a couple of days.
If you and your man normally talk a few times a day but that’s changed to a few times a week, this should peak your atennas. Why have the conversations lessened?

He flirts more via social network
This may sound silly but if your man all of a sudden ‘befriends’ random girls or is open with his social network flirting, chances are he’s being open in other areas. Publicly acting as if he’s on the market may be a sign that he will be soon.

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