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John Amaechi, a former NBA player who revealed he was gay in 2007 speaks out regarding Kobe Bryant

When someone with the status of Kobe Bryant, arguably the best basketball player in a generation, hurls that antigay slur at a referee or anyone else — let’s call it the F-word — he is telling boys, men and anyone watching that when you are frustrated, when you are as angry as can be, the best way to demean and denigrate a person, even one in a position of power, is to make it clear that you think he is not a real man, but something less.
Many people balk when L.G.B.T. people, even black ones, suggest that the power and vitriol behind another awful slur — the N-word — is no different from the word used by Kobe. I make no attempt at an analogy between the historical civil rights struggle for blacks in the United States with the current human rights struggle for L.G.B.T. people, but I can say that I am frequently called both, and the indignation, anger and at times resignation that course through my body are no greater or less for either. I know with both words the intent is to let me know that no matter how big, how accomplished, philanthropic or wise I may become, to them I am not even human.
I am tired of people having this debate about the relative impact of pejorative words on their target minority group. If injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, then the relative power of an antigay gay slur is irrelevant, it is simply a threat to human dignity, and that should appall us all.
I don’t think Kobe Bryant is some vicious homophobe, but I do think he made a mistake and has sounded more like a squirming politician than a national hero since the incident came to light. When you know that people hang on your every word, you should take more responsibility when the wrong words spill out in anger. When you understand that people treat you like a god, you should endeavor to be more benevolent when you exceed expectations and more contrite when you let people down.
I started playing basketball at age 17 in the United Kingdom. I went from the fat child who hid in the corner of the library to starting in the N.B.A. six years later. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t hold a candle to Kobe, but even with my limited prominence, I always knew two things: I was always under scrutiny and what I did and said mattered more because of that.
Kobe, stop fighting the fine. You spoke ill-advised words that shot out like bullets, and if the e-mails I received from straight and gay young people and sports fans in Los Angeles alone are anything to go by, you did serious damage with your outburst. Kobe, stop fighting the fine. Use that money and your influence to set a new tone that tells sports fans, boys, men and the society that looks up to you that the word you said in anger is not O.K., not ever. Too many athletes take the trappings of their hard-earned success and leave no tangible legacy apart from “that shot” or “that special game.”
Kobe Bryant is powerful enough to make an important change in the way we look at real equality in sports and in general. Kobe is one of sport’s heroes, one of sport’s gods, and I hope it’s not too much to ask for the occasional good deed worthy of those titles

Charlie Sheen Headed Back To Court After Ex Refuses Drug Test

Brooke Mueller, actor Charlie Sheen's soon-to-be ex-wife, was ordered to undergo a drug test at her Hollywood home at 5:30 p.m. today but refused to provide a urine sample, a source close to Mueller. The test was scheduled after Mueller calling friends to ask them to provide drug-free urine. And Friday, a cocaine street dealer in crime-ridden Inglewood, Calif., told us he'd sold an "8-ball" of drugs to Mueller.
Both Sheen and Mueller, whose divorce is to become final within weeks, are bound by a pre-divorce agreement to random drug testing three times a month. Both have battled booze and coke addictions, and each is mandated to remain clean or lose the custody of their twins.
Said a source close to the situation who asked to remain anonymous: "Charlie will be going to court on Tuesday to address Brooke's refusal to take the test.
"He may ask the court for the temporary custody of the boys if Mueller agrees to enter rehab. Charlie is concerned for Brooke, but his first priority is the boys and their safety."
Mueller's cell phone is temporarily out-of-service and she couldn't be contacted. Calls to Sheen and Mueller's attorney weren't immediately returned.

Apparently Talib Kweli isn't much of a Colt 45 fan. After hearing news that the malt liquor brand was on board as a sponsor for his upcoming show at the Granada Theater in Kansas next week, the Brooklyn rapper quickly blocked the partnership.

Apparently Talib Kweli isn't much of a Colt 45 fan. After hearing news that the malt liquor brand was on board as a sponsor for his upcoming show at the Granada Theater in Kansas next week, the Brooklyn rapper quickly blocked the partnership.
"To my fans in Lawrence Kansas, the Granada Theater has partnered with Colt 45 without my knowledge to promote the show. We shut that down," Kweli Tweeted on Tuesday.
"So on 4-20 I will be at the Granada in Lawrence Kansas but Colt 45 is no longer involved in the show promo. Thank yall (fans) for alerting me."
Colt 45 recently announced Snoop Dogg as the company's newest spokesperson to promote their new fruit-flavored drink Blast. However, Snoop has come under fire for his affiliation with the beverage, as critics have slammed Colt 45 for targeting under aged drinkers with its fruit flavors.
In addition, Marin Institute CEO Lee Levingston is looking to ban Blast and other drinks.
"While the federal government was shutting down dangerous caffeinated alcohol, Pabst Brewing Company was cooking up 'Blast,' a super sweet, fruit-flavored, supersized alcopop containing as much alcohol as four and a half cans of beer," Levingston said.
"Joose, Four Loko, Tilt, and now Blast are racing to the bottom to harm youth. Senator Padilla's bill should limit such products to one standard-size drink."
With all the controversy surrounding Colt 45, Kweli obvious wants nothing to do with the alcoholic beverage, and who can blame him.
Kweli is currently on tour to promote his new album Gutter Rainbows.

Confessions of a B.E.T. Producer Part II

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kobe Bryant Issues Apology For Homophobic Slur

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant issued an apology to the Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation following his televised homophobic slur, can reveal.
“What I said last night should not be taken literally. My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period,” Bryant said in the statement.
“The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.”
The 32-year-old Lakers guard issued the statement in response to the outrage at his reported remarks against referee Bennie Adams in last night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs in which TV cameras appeared to catch Bryant directing the words “f**king f*gg*t” to the ref after he was benched.
GLAAD has slammed Bryant for mouthing off the slur to respected referee Adams.
Following the incident, GLADD President Jarret Barrios said, “Discriminatory slurs have no place on or off the court.
"Professional sports players need to set a better example for young people who use words like this on the playground and in our schools, creating a climate of intolerance and hostility.
“The LA Lakers have a responsibility to educate their fans about why this word is unacceptable.”
The gay rights group has reached out for a response from the Lakers organization, but so far they have not made an official statement about the incident.
Ironically, TNT announcer Steve Kerr picked up on Bryant's outburst and said: "You might wanna take the cameras off of him right now, for the children watching from home."
As the frustrated player was benched he hit his seat before sitting down, throwing down a towel and then yelling, "Bennie," toward the court.
Bryant then leaned back and muttered the reported gay slur.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp Bound for Cannes


Cue the paparazzi: Cinema's rite of spring – the Cannes Film Festival – will feature an all-star cast, as will be officially announced on Thursday. But, for now, PEOPLE has learned that fans can expect to find Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieJohnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, as well as Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson sharing the spotlight along the Croisette from May 11 through 22.

In addition, invitations to the 64th Cannes Fest are also out to Rolling Stone Keith Richards,Madonna, Jack Black and France's First Lady, Carla Bruni, who happens to be making her acting debut in a Woody Allen movie.

One thing is already for certain: Robert DeNiro will be sticking around the entire fest – he is the head of the jury that hands out the prizes.

Topping the list of premieres is the multi-generational saga Tree of Life, starring Pitt and Penn and directed by the highly regarded Terence Malick (Badlands, Days of Heaven). Pitt will no doubt remain in the South of France during the first half of the festival, which will also bring a sneak peek of Kung Fu Panda 2, featuring the voice of Jolie, as well as that of Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black.

Depp's appearance is keyed to a world premiere, that of Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which marks the return of Jack Sparrow. Cruz is among the costars.

The festival's previously announced Opening Selection, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, will bring to Cannes cast members Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Owen Wilson, Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody and, it is anticipated, Marion Cotillard, though she is due to give birth at the end of April.

Also on the agenda: a special tribute to the late Elizabeth Taylor, whose amFAR event to benefit her AIDS foundation has become an annual Cannes event.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sharpton Explains Why Obama's Church Should Be Honored

Al Sharpton & Tavis Smiley on the Democratic Party (2005)...

Tupac's Death & Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Pt.5

Katherine Jackson -- MJ's Executor STOLE From Him

Michael Jackson's mother says one of the guys in charge of the MJ Estate is a crook who stole from the singer ... and tot op it off, she claims Michael never even liked the guy ... this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.
Michael Jackson's mother says one of the guys in charge of the MJ Estate is a crook who stole from the singer ... and tot op it off, she claims Michael never even liked the guy ... this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Katherine Jackson just filed a declaration in a case involving MJ's old charity -- the Heal the World Foundation.

According to the docs, Katherine is FURIOUS the estate is going after HTW for using MJ's image and likeness without permission ... and insists, "Michael would be very upset, if he knew that our charity was being torn down by people who say they are doing what he wanted."

Katherine then goes after MJ executor John Branca -- saying, "Mr. Branca was a man that my son was very worried about."

She adds, "Michael told me on more than one occasion that he did not like this man and did not trust him, he told me that John had stolen from him."

Katherine continues, "This lawsuit is exactly the type of awful thing that Michael said he was capable of doing."

Keri Hilson Poses Nude For Allure Magazine


Keri Hilson has posed nude for Allure magazine’s annual Naked issue. The singer stripped down completely and talked about her transition from behind the camera to in front of it.
Here’s her excerpt:
“Before all her hit songs, Hilson worked behind the scenes as a successful songwriter. Stepping out of the background was not as effortless as Hilson, 28, now makes it look.
“The transition to being in front of the camera was very, very difficult,’ she says. ‘Everyone has their idea of what you should look like. ‘You need to get into the gym.’ ‘You need to wear less clothes.’ ‘Wear dresses and skirts.’ ‘Put a weave in.’ ‘Cut your hair.’ ‘Color your hair.’ There are so many ways that others tug at you.”
To Hilson, posing naked stripped her back down to her real self. “We do a lot of things to seek validation: I have to get more expensive handbags or fake lashes or fake boobs. This shoot was about dropping all that.”

Lady Gaga Falls Down During Houston Concert

Lady Gaga -- wearing a skimpy black bikini-like outfit and long black boots -- fell during her concert in the city of NASA this past weekend, and has video and photos from her frightening fall.
Gaga, singing You & I, was attempting to balance herself between her piano and its' bench, when she tumbled backward to the ground during her performance on Sunday.
The ace performer she is, the pop star carried on like nothing happened, and began crawling and singing, undaunted.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Really Sad: Nate Dogg's Home Foreclosed On Just 2 Days After His Death


It's really sad to report that singer Nate Dogg's home was foreclosed on just two days after his death last month.

According to TMZ, Nate, born Nathanial Hale had fallen behind on payments for his Pamona, California home by $5,924.12

Nate had become ill after suffering two strokes and had been unable to work.

Tupac's Death & Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Pt.4

Beyonce Hires 200 African Dancers For New Video

Beyonce reportedly flew 200 African dancers to Los Angeles over the weekend, according toSister 2 Sister magazine. A source said the dancers will help her incorporate some of their native moves into her “Girl” music video.
A commenter on Beyonce’s fan site gave more details, saying:
“My friend got there and there were like 200 or more people in the room. A lot of Bey’s old dancers and probably every major dancer and choreographer you could think of. The song is called “Girl”. The video is being directed by Francis Lawrence. He was also there. 8 or 9 choreographers contributed to the routine. Danielle Polanco and Luam were 2 of those choreographers. Beyonce was there of course going over the routine and they were figuring out which pieces of the choreography they would be showcasing in the music video. The theme of “Girl” is like a female empowerment/girl power type of song that is a definite club banger with Top 40/Worldly appeal. The beat is driven by a sample of a popular club song that a lot of you will probably recognize. There’s a breakdown in the song that is described as absolutely fucking disgustingly sick! Definitely an anthem in the style of her singing. My friend couldn’t remember exact lyrics, but “Girl…girl….girl” is repeated a lot through out the song.
“More on the choreography. No males will be dancing except these 2 African men that do this sick solo African intro with footwork at the top of the routine. There may be more, but at the meeting today only those 2 men were dancing. One of the choreographers was an African guy from an African dance company. Bey will have an army of like 100 or more girls. 20 of them will be doing the choreography with her and there will be like 100 of them behind her carrying sticks and marching. Men will be used as props and actors with the girls coming all in their faces and intimidating them. Again, the concept wasn’t revealed so that’s just connecting the dots with the choreography and small information that was given. It definitely looks like Bey will have an army or lesion of girls for one of the scenes that is presumably being shot on the 13th. Expect a full out dance number with lots of choreography.”

Tupac's Death & Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Pt.3

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lebron James Signs Marketing Deal With Boston Red Sox

The King has endured good days and he has endured bad days but this day the King has so much more to be proud of. Lebron  James' management company, LRMR, has signed a long-term deal with Fenway Sports Marketing -- the sister company of the Boston Red Sox -- to secure marketing and sponsorship opportunities.
As part of the deal, the NBA star has acquired a piece of Liverpool FC, one of the world's most famed soccer teams and a longtime marquee franchise in the English Premier League.
"I can't even explain the level of excitement that we have right now," James' manager and LRMR CEO Maverick Carter told the Associated Press. "As far as my business career goes, it's one of the most exciting times. And the opportunity for growth for us is huge. The guys at FSM understand it too and they probably see it even more than we do."
The deal is without a bit of irony, though, because after all, James is a devout Yankees fan. But for LeBron, it's nothing personal, just business.
"It's strictly business. ... It's very humbling," James said.
James also said that the relationship is a partnership, one brand helping another. However, at press time, what the "marketing and sponsorship opportunities" entail were unknown.
With Liverpool and James being major global brands, both companies feel confident that they can help each other.
He's the eighth player to score 2,000 points seven times, and at 26, Lebron the youngest member of that club. James is also the seventh person in NBA history to score 2,000 in seven straight seasons, joining Wilt Chamberlain, Alex English, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Oscar Robertson and Dominique Wilkins.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also scored 2,000 points seven times, though not consecutively.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Songwriter Accuses Justin Bieber, Rihanna Of Making False Songwriting Claims


A songwriter who has penned music for artists such as Michael Jackson and Britney Spears says some of today's stars wrongfully take credit for writing songs.
Heather Bright says singers like Justin Bieber and Rihanna, as well as rapper Kanye West, are named as contributing to tracks, when they didn't really have any input.
Bright was asked if artists make more money than the songwriters themselves, to which she replied: "It depends on who you are.
"Rihanna takes publishing, Justin Bieber takes publishing, Kanye West takes publishing. On all the stuff that they don't write, they take publishing."
Justin Bieber recorded Heather's song Somebody To Love, which was originally written for his mentor Usher, and she's confused as to how the 17-year-old became listed as one of the songwriters.
"Umm… How did he get a writing credit on it? That's an interesting question," she told Free Wired. "I don't know," she laughed.

LeBron James' Mom Arrested After Fight With Valet At Posh Miami Hotel

Basketball superstar LeBron James' mother Gloria James was arrested at a posh Miami Beach Hotel early Thursday morning after getting into an altercation with a car parking valet attendant, has exclusively learned.
The mother of the NBA's most celebrated player was taken into custody at the swanky Fontainebleau resort in Miami Beach around 4:57 am ET Thursday.
A source at the star-studded hotel exclusively told “The incident happened after she pulled into the hotel during the early hours of Thursday morning.
“She got into an altercation with one of the car parking valets who works for a private company contracted by the Fontainebleau.
“The police were called to the scene and she was subsequently arrested. It is not believed any alcohol was involved in the dispute.”
No other details are being made available at this time, and a spokesperson from the famous hotel told that they would not be making a comment because while police investigations were on-going.
A spokesperson for the Miami Beach Police Department tells us that James could be charged with simple battery, but the case is still under review.
If she is cited with simple battery, Gloria could be released on her own recognizance, and a mug shot would therefore not be taken.
This is not the first time Gloria has had a brush with police: she also arrested in Akron, Ohio for drunken driving back in January, 2006 .
In May of that same year, she pleaded no contest to four charges in connection with the incident. She had to perform 100 hours of community service, cough up $550 in fines and damages, and attend a class on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.
She also caused a minor stir last spring when rumors sprouted she'd been secretly dating her son's then-teammate, Delonte West.
Meanwhile -- as for her famous son -- LeBron racked up 29 points in the Heat’s 90-85 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday night in Miami.
Stay with for more on this story as it breaks.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Game Boots Nu Jerzey Devil From Black Wall Street Label

It seems Game's Black Wall Street label/crew was reduced by one member over the weekend, when the Compton rapper revealed that longtime member Nu Jerzey Devil is longer down with the crew.
In a tweet sent to his 450,000+ Twitter followers on Sunday (April 3), Game dropped the news that the East Coast producer/rapper is not affiliated with BWS.
"Breaking News: @nujerzeydevil1 is no longer associated with BWS or anything we have goin' !!! DO NOT AFFILIATE BLOOD WITH US !!! #itsAwrap," the rapper wrote (@TheGame).
Details regarding the split were unknown at press time.
However, Nu Jersey Devil -- in his own tweet -- hinted at a possible misunderstanding over a club appearance or show date, but said things will be worked out.
"I am BWS 4 lyfe! Me & @TheGame are brothas & fight all the time, so I refuse to let some janky promoter come between me & my family! We On," Devil wrote (@nujerzeydevil1).
"Blood is thicker than water..." he later added.
Stay tuned for updates...
Game's Black Wall Street (BWS) label roster includes Arizona rapper Juice, Oakland-based Clyde Carson, Menace, X.O. (formerly known as Scipio), Kanary Diamonds, former Def Jam signee Mysonne, and others.

Charli Baltimore Responds To Zach Williams Accusations, Says He’s A Stalker

Last week record producer Zach Williams posted a scathing video about rapper Charli Baltimore. In the clip he accused the rapper of having sex for favors, a cocaine habit and herpes among other things. Baltimore responded on her Twitter page that she was never romantically involved with Miller and that nothing he said was true.
“Love to all of ya’ll for knowin bullsh*t when you see it, ” she wrote. “I don’t know this dude. No ex of mine. Wanna be director couldn’t finance his film. Whole cast dropped out. His sexual unprofessional advances were laughed at.
“He’s a nobody and if this is his way in, slandering chix he don’t know…long road ahead.”
[spotted @ via @teamCharliBMore]

Sources have confirmed rapper Mack 10 was recently hospitalized with a serious stomach illness

Sources have confirmed rapper Mack 10 was recently hospitalized with a serious stomach illness.

The rapper was admitted to a local Los Angeles area hospital, after suffering from stomach pains.

Sources say that Mack 10 was suffering from Diverticulitis, which is a swelling of an abnormal pouch in the intestinal wall.

"He went to the hospital with unbearable pain and was diagnosed and He's still there, he's just gonna take time to heal."

Mack 10 was diagnosed before surgery was needed to help with the illness.

Diverticulitis is common among men over 40. It's also found in more than half of Americans over age 60, so the rapper is expected to make a full recovery.

Mack 10 is preparing to release a new album titled Money Music with his artist/Hoo Bangin' label mate, Glasses Malone. (Souce) AllHipHop

How To plant/germinate Cannabis Seeds

50 Cent Saved Jeremih From Being Dropped

Jeremih was in hot water before 50 Cent came along. The R&B crooner was reportedly in danger of being dropped from Def Jam after his sophomore album All About You failed to make an impact. But after the G-Unit henchman added his verse to “Down on Me” and the video with YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill went viral, he was given another shot.

“They was counting Jeremih out completely. He was already gon’ be dropped from Def Jam before ["Down on Me"],” 50 told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. “He was definitely gonna be in a position where he was getting dropped because the first week sales was really low on the record.”

Finding himself in a financially comfortable position, the hip-hop mogul decided to hop on Jeremih’s second single on the strength of his artistic abilities. “We did the song, I didn’t care. I was just looking at him as an artist and I said he sounds good, and I thought he was a dope artist, so I said I’ma do it,” he explained. “And we did the song, and then it took off. It’s been number one for what, five weeks now?”

Since then, the club banger cracked the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and even higher on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. “It made sense to me from an artist’s perspective,” continued Fif. “What I have now, the luxury of being in a secure space financially, is me having the ability to make decisions based on just the art.”

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrity Couples: Who Earns More?

Question: Beyonce and Jay-Z: Each of this husband-and-wife team is a music icon in their own right, but who out-earns the other?


Answer: Beyonce does.

According to Forbes, in 2010 Beyonce made $87 million from a combination of touring, endorsements and her clothing line, House of Dereon. Meanwhile, her husband, former Def Jam Recordings CEO and winner of 13 Grammy Awards, Jay-Z, earned $63 million from his newest album, Blueprint III and its subsequent tour, as well as from investments in the 40/40 Club, the New Jersey Nets and the Broadway show "Fela!"
Question: Tom Brady or Gisele Bundchen: Does football or professional modeling bring in the bigger bucks?

Answer: Tom does.
As the world's highest-paid supermodel, Bundchen earns about $25 million per year, which beat out her hubby's $3.5 million football paycheck for the past several years. But in 2010, Brady signed a new four-year deal, complete with a $16 million signing bonus, that will garner him about $36.5 million this season alone. While this is the first time he has surpassed Bundchen in income, she can look forward to being tackled monetarily for years to come as his salary is set to increase throughout the term of the contract. However, the NFL lockout at the end of this year may hit Brady in the wallet because if there are no games, there will be little-to-no pay.
Question: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Passionate about their children and human rights, the acting careers of this supercouple have catapulted them into A-list stars. But who do you think makes more?

Answer: They both are equal.

Question: Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod): She's the actress with the legs that never stop and he's baseball's stud third baseman for the New York Yankees. Together they make a winning combination of looks and athleticism. When not feeding each other popcorn at the Super Bowl, who outruns the other in the paycheck department?

Answer: Alex does.

A-Rod is just a little outside with $33 million to Cameron's $32 million. Talk about a close call.

R. Kelly’s Memoirs To Be Released This Year

R. Kelly is writing his memoirs, a book he intends to call Soulacoaster. He hopes to have the book available in stores later this year.

“I’m writing this book as Robert, not R. Kelly,” the multi-platinum singer-songwriter-producer says. “I’m tired of being misunderstood. I will show you the tears, fears, and sweat. I will open my heart and reveal the good in my life as well as all the drama. I want to tell it like it is.”

R. Kelly is working with author David Ritz on the book. Ritz has previously co-written books with Janet Jackson, B.B. King, Etta James, and co-wrote Marvin Gaye‘s hit single “Sexual Healing.”

Is Rihanna About To Dump Jay-Z As Her Manager?

Rihanna is about follow in Beyonce’s footsteps and dump her manager Jay-Z. Just days after Beyonce dumped her father Mathew Knowles as her manager, word on the street is that Rihanna is getting ready to dump her manager Jay-Z. Sources are saying that Rihanna has a lot to be worried about now that Beyonce is part of Jay’s Roc Nation. The two divas will have to battle it out when it comes to endorsement deals, etc. and Rihanna’s people are concerned that there may be a conflict of interest for Jay, who will have to decide between his wife and Rihanna.
I have to say I agree with RiRi on this one….I’m sure Jay will want to keep the money in the family (can’t say that I blame him!)

“Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada Doubles Her Salary
“Basketball Wives” cast mate Evelyn Lozada, who was allegedly holding out for a pay increase, has supposedly doubled her salary. According to TMZ, Lozada wanted $20,000 per episode, and although she didn’t get that amount, she’s quite happy with what she was offered, which is supposedly double her current salary.
 Evelyn didn't get the $20k per episode she demanded ... but we're told she's "very happy" with the counter-offer.

But Evelyn didn't just get a pay bump -- we're told Producers also apologized to Lozada for the way she was portrayed in the Season 2 finale ... a huge reason why Evelyn was hesitant to re-sign with the network.

We're told Lozada -- who threatened to leave the show after she felt the producers backstabbed her -- is happy with the new deal ... and shooting is already underway

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sean Paul Denies Dating Beyonce

Sean Paul writing a tell all book about his relationship with Beyonce, well the singer says it never happened and he’s not penning an autobiography. According to, Paul’s rep says the two had nothing more than a professional relationship.
“Sean is not working on a book and has never had anything more than a working relationship with Beyonce,” the rep added.
Sean may not be penning the tell-all, but we know what really went down between these two!

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Reportedly Engaged, Plan To Marry This Summer


For Wiz Khalifa and girlfriend Amber Rose things just got serious. According to Popeater.comthe couple is engaged to married and will be tying the knot as soon as this summer
"Amber is a sweetheart, and my mom, everybody who meets her loves her anyway," Wiz said recently. f the report is true, all I can say is good luck homie.

Nicki Minaj In Talks To Tour With Britney Spears

After wrapping up Lil Wayne's I Am Music II tour, Nicki Minaj could be hitting the road again---this time with pop star Britney Spears.As previously reported, Nicki is on the road with Wayne, Travis Barker and Rick Ross for the tour that ends April 28 in Canada.
Now according to TMZ, lawyers for Minaj are in “serious talks “ with lawyers for Spears to add the Young Money mistress to her tour.
Negotiations for the tour could be finalized in a less than a day.
Britney Spears' tour begins June 17 in Sacramento.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Arizona Bans Abortion Based On Race!


“Arizona Governor Jan Brewer just signed a bill that makes it a felony to “knowingly perform or provide financing for an abortion sought because of the race or sex of the fetus or a parent’s race.”
“The only people who are supporting these bills are people who want to ban abortion. When you think about the heart of the bill, the bill is not about protecting women’s health. Instead, you have anti-abortion people passing a condition on abortion,” says Elizabeth Nash, a Washington, D.C.-based public policy associate for the Guttmacher Institute that advocates for sexual and reproductive health.
“It is unusual. There’s not anything out there to say this does happen, so it’s weird that people would try to adopt a law for something that’s not happening,” she adds.
The abortion law would cause women to have to disclose a reason for their abortions by verifying that it is not for racial reasons or because of the sex of the fetus. This law also sets a precedent by penalizing doctors for supposedly aborting babies for these aforesaid reasons.
“This law creates a highly unusual requirement that women state publicly their reason for choosing to terminate a pregnancy — a private decision they already made with their physician, partner and family,” said Bryan Howard, chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Arizona, in a statement. “While we condemn racism and sexism in all forms, legislation that overrides the doctor-patient relationship is not in the best interest of Arizonans.”
“The bill is not about protecting women’s health. You have anti-abortion people passing a condition on abortion,” Nash says.
“This seems to be trying to get people to think about race more than affect any sort of practice. This is an issue that doesn’t make sense from a political standpoint except that it could pull apart different coalitions,” she continues.”

Kim Kardashian's Twitter Hacked by 12-Year Old Boy? Or Nicole Richie?


Someone with a foul mouth and a teenagers's sense of humor has taken over Kim and Khloe Kardashian's Twitter feeds.Most of the tweets on Kim's site are almost unprintable on a family-friendly publication, but they involve X-rated acts, Kris Humphries' naughty bits, ice, pink feathers and scatological functions.

The tweets on Khloe's page are similar and include things like: "Sometimes I make Lam-Lam pretend my boobies are basketballs. I paint them orange and ask him to dribble them."

Photos of Humphries have also taken over the background for Kim's site, leading some to speculate that the basketball player has been tweeting as a joke.

But anyone who knows how tightly the entire Kardashian clan controls their business (and make no mistake, Twitter is part of their business), knows a prank like this wouldn't go over well with the brand ... we mean family.