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Monday, February 28, 2011

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Losing Weight Rapidly

Wanting a slimmer and sexier body is no lofty ambition. Many people have succeeded in sculpting their physiques to make them look healthy and desirable. However, this end is not attained in just a snap or skipping one night's dinner. For some people though, patience is not a virtue. They seem not to be able to afford so much attention, time and money to get the body they have always wanted. As a result, these people result to rapid weight loss practices and programs which may not be as effective as these people are led to believe they are.

Fast-track diets are one of these rapid weight loss practices which may not be very inviting as they seem according to research. Fast-track diet programs, as scientific research shows, are only good while they last. Rapid weight loss often results ironically, to rapid weight gain. people who undergo low carbohydrate or low calorie diets normally revert back to old eating habits simply because human beings can not actually live on with this type of diet scheme for the rest of their lives.

Now there is also scientific research showing that rapid weight loss does not imply an individual is losing unwanted excess fat; it is commonly water that is lost with following rapid weight loss practices. This could cause certain alarm but actually, water lost is regained very quickly. So there is actually zero net weight lost after all. So one should not be foolish enough to be so gullible with the advertising of certain diet pills out there in the market; especially those which claim to aid lose a whopping amount of fat in a short time. They will only dehydrate the body. And just so it is clear, the body can only lose two pounds of fat per week, one could be exceptionally lucky if he can lose three, but normally, it's just two.

Another rapid weight loss product out in the market is the slimming soap. Claiming that these soaps are made from a unique concoction of rare chinese herbs and seaweed, they assert to help people using them to shed off body fats by emulsifying them upon application while taking a bath. Some are even specialized like those which promise to give the user "beautiful thighs". The ingredients may prove to improve the quality of the skin but no research has ever come up yet which aids to prove the efficacy of these ingredients in emulsifying excess body fats.

One more rapid weight loss product out there in the market promises to suppress hunger and at the same time help increase the body's metabolic rate. It also claims to be able to accelerate the healing process and reduce certain body pains, all these plus its being a very chic fashion accent. Well they are actually called magnetic weight loss earrings.

The secret of this set of earrings is in the magnet, so it says. Wearing them near the ears balances the magnetism in the body therefore one will experience all the above mentioned effects. Though press releases say that there are actually "studies" to back these assertions up, nothing yet is found in medical journals. Though buying a set may not kill a person, it's probably not a wise investment. One might as well wear a horse shoe earring for a more exquisite fashion statement.

Bottom line is "no pain, no gain". If one wants a beautiful body, one must sweat it out. And as for those rapid weight loss products coming out on the market, if they are too good to be true, they probably are not.

YouTube: Why it’s So Popular

Do you enjoy using the internet as a source of entertainment?  If you do, there is a good chance that you know what YouTube is.  In fact, you may even be an active member of the YouTube community, as millions of internet users are.  With so many YouTube member and site visitors, there are many individuals who wonder what exactly it is about YouTube that makes it so popular.  If you are one of those individuals, you will want to read on to figure out just why.

Perhaps, the greatest reason why YouTube is so popular is because all that you can do on the website.  For instance, if are looking for entertainment, you can choose from an unlimited number of YouTube videos, many of which you are sure to love.  If you want to do more than just watch YouTube videos, you can even make your own.  YouTube allows all registered member to post an unlimited number of videos on their website.  Whether you want to create a video blog, a comedy skit, or an educational video, you can easily do so.

Another one of the many reasons why YouTube is so popular is because it is free to use.  Any internet user can simply visit the YouTube website and start viewing videos. Although it is advised that you register for a free YouTube account, isn’t required to watch YouTube videos. With that in mind, however, if you would like to rate videos or leave comments and upload your own videos to YouTube, you will need to register for an account with YouTube.  As previously mentioned, registering for a YouTube account is free and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

When it comes to uploading videos onto YouTube, it is relatively easy to do.  That is another one of the many reasons why YouTube is so popular.  Even those with a minimal amount of computer experience can make and share videos on YouTube.  All you really need is a video recording device, such as a cell phone with video recording capabilities, a camcorder, or a webcam.  Most computers already have movie editing software programs installed, but you only need to use movie editing software if you would like to edit your video before sharing it with the YouTube community. When it comes time to upload your videos, you just need to follow YouTube’s uploading instructions and then your videos should be available for viewing within minutes.

As for watching videos on YouTube, it was stated above that you have an unlimited number of YouTube videos to choose from.  This is another one of the many reasons why YouTube is so popular.  No matter what you like, whether it is romance, comedy, or educational pieces, you should be able to find whatever you are looking for on YouTube. Popular YouTube videos include video blogs and comedy skits.  Finding videos to watch is easy as well.  YouTube allows you to browse through all of their videos or you can perform a YouTube search to find something in particular.

If you have yet to give YouTube a glance, you are urged to do so. Whether you want to watch videos or make your own, you can do so.  When visiting YouTube you will likely like what you see.  After all, YouTube has millions of visitors; therefore, they must be doing something right.

Sports Car Styling Tips

Sports Car Styling Tips

Are you planning to improve the aesthetic appearance of your car? Want to get that sporty and sleek look? Then here are some pointers that will help you dress up your car.

What products to choose from

When deciding what kind of setup you will do to your car, you should first keep in mind that there are a multitude of products being sold out there which claim superior performance and economical. But the reality is there are some good ones and and many of bad ones. Be picky when looking for car accessories and remember it is not a bad idea to look at the established brands before considering untested brands.

The wheels

One of the initial things that a car enthusiast does when dressing up a car is to replace the existing wheels with custom made ones. But this is not just for looks since performance wheels and tires also enhance a car's handling and performance. Choosing between tall wheels and short ones will be the next step. Bigger wheels get noticed more and increase the look of a car dramatically. Smaller wheels on the other hand have that vintage or retro look.

Stickers Galore

Applying sticker designs on the car hood or the other parts of the car body is one of the cheapest ways to alter and customize your car. Sticker designs range from popular performance parts logos of manufacturers as well as those designed for rally and indy races. If you are capable of making your own stickers, it is important to get permission for copying a design as it may be copyrighted. If you are planning to put stickers on the hood, choose the kind that will not be damaged by the heat of the engine. Metallic foil stickers are ideal for use on car hoods.

Choosing a California Fashion School

If you are thinking about going to a fashion school, then California is the place for you. There are many California fashion schools to pick from. Some may be good, some may be bad, but surely you will find the best one for you. How do you choose a California fashion school? Here are some tips and standards you can use to get you started:

1) Location – some people may not care where a fashion school is as long as it is inside California. However, you should realize that California fashion schools can often be judged through their locations. Find a California fashions school which is near fashion centers. This means you need to find a California fashion school which is located where all the action is. This will help you as a student since it will give you exposure to what’s out there in the real world.

Some students would prefer a California high school that’s located in a place which would inspire them. Some choose to attend California fashion schools which are located near the sea or close to nature. From the scenery, a student can gain inspiration enough to produce a new work of couture art.

2) Affiliated or Independent – should you go with a California fashion school which is a part of a prestigious university, or should you go to one which stands on its own? There are cases when a California fashion school within a university is better since the name on your resume will help you get great jobs easier. However, there is also something to be said for an independent school which can hold its own against the big names.

One thing you should consider is the fact that in a big school, you are mostly paying for the name of the school and not for the quality of education. You are paying additional cash to have the name of the university on your resume. This would help you get a job easier.

The fashion world, however, rarely cares for the name of a university if it does not perform well. If you have the name of a great independent school on your list, you might find it easier to get a job.

3) Cost – there is also the cost to think about. California fashion schools cost money. There is no denying that fact. The question that remains is: “how much money should it cost you?”

There are, of course, schools which offer discounted tuition for various reasons. Some are suffering declines in enrollment. Some may just be starting their operation and are trying to break into the market. In opting for these schools, you could save a lot of cash. However, you should consider that you might be sacrificing quality for cost.

You could also consider going to schools which are more prestigious. These schools may ask you to pay a lot of cash in order to study there. However, you should remember that high cost doesn’t necessarily equal high quality. You need to realize that in some schools you will not be paying form an education but you will be paying for the name.

Choosing a California fashion school might seem like a hard task. However, by considering these tips and truly knowing what you want, you can make it a very easy experience for you.

Divorce - How to rebuild your life, color your hair and move on

Did you know that when you go through a life changing experience you are likely to go to the beauty salon before you do anything? Most women will actually seek a different hair style when something major happens in their life. You will want to quickly seek comfort for your divorce and then you have to stand on your own. You may want to go to the hair salon once you have made the announcement of the split and have faced the situation. Once you have recognized that you are going through a divorce you will need all the people who love you around so that you are able to get all the support that you need to help rebuild your life and move on.

The first step is to know who you can count on and who can't. This is when your real friends became noticeable. You need to have people who care to support your grieving and to help you find ways to move on. Most of your so-called friend will say everything will be fun, don't worry. When someone allows your feelings to be written off like that, they are not your friends at all. You will want to make sure that you understand the difference between real friends and people who claim to be your friend.

Once you have found the support and strength to move on, you will feel the need to make some drastic changes. You may want to change the color of your hair or you may just want to change your wardrobe or encourage a change in behavior. You should try things that you never would have gotten to do with your soon to be ex. You should also think about making changes about your appearance that they wouldn't necessarily encourage from you. You will want to do things like change your hair color, change your style of hair, or get an extreme haircut.

If you have never had short hair, you may want to try it. When you cut or when you dye your hair you will find empowerment. You will feel like you have control over yourself and your life. The truth of the matter is that you do have all the control. You have the right to change and you have the right to do whatever it is that you want or find that makes you happy.  Before you allow yourself to fall in depression, you may want to start thinking about what has happen, what has changes, and what you would like to do as a result of.

Obviously, there were many factors that made you and your partner to split, but you don't have to be someone that you aren't. Over the years or course of your marriage, you probably gave up a lot. You most likely changed because they encourages you to become exactly what they wanted, but you are no longer in that relationship and you can begin to do the things that you love once again.

Any woman that can go through a divorce and survive it is a very strong person. Some women will collapse and fall into a deep depression. Go out and do everything for yourself. If you have always wanted to be a blonde, give it a shot. If you have ever wanted to cut your hair, go for it. Once you begin to do things that you normally wouldn't do you will find liberation. You will have liberation from all the chains of marriage. You will have the freedom to be yourself and show your new freedom in anyway that you would like.

Celebrity Branding

Celebrity branding is a method of advertising which uses the services of a celebrity to promote a product or service with the help of their fame and status in the society. This method has several approaches; it can involve a celebrity simply appearing in a commercial and the celebrity can be signed for attending events for promotion. Another method is to start a product line using their name as a brand. Perfume and garments are the largest product lines involving such a promotion. All the top actors, singers and models are known to give their name to a certain brand or licensed products. Jennifer Lopez started her own line of clothing a while ago which features designer clothes personally designed by her.

A customer’s buying behavior is hugely influenced by famous people. Marketing experts, using associative learning principles, analyzes the lifestyle of the celebrities to properly assign them to the brand which depicts them perfectly. Their fashion sense, appeal, awareness, fame and public image are reviewed thoroughly to assign them the right charity work or product. Repetition, blocking, CS pre-exposure, extinction, overshadowing, belongingness, and association set size are the principles on the basis of which analysis is done like the famous Miss World Aishwarya Rai of India who has very beautiful eyes was chosen to campaign for eye donation project. Some of the celebrities are known for their distinct voice. This concept led to the voice-over method in advertising. Their voices merely attract customers when used in a commercial.

Today, nearly twenty percent of the advertising industry utilizes celebrity endorsement. A celebrity is bound to endorse many products and brands over a course of time. Each time a different image of the celebrity is being projected to the public. The company should keep in mind the previous identity and play accordingly. Projecting a different person every time will sustain the interest of the customers, but at the same time the two identities shouldn’t conflict with each other.  The captain of England soccer team David Beckham has endorsed many products. While advertising for Gillette, his taste for hairstyles was considered and he was given a bald look. When campaigning for Police his passion for fashion was portrayed all over and heavily jeweled David Beckham was depicted.

If a celebrity isn’t comfortable with being pictured differently each time he or she can create a graphic image or logo of their own which can be used each time they advertise for a particular product. The logo can reflect the personality of the respective celebrity, like the font can be stylish if the celebrity is fashion conscious like Jennifer Lopez who created a logo of JLO, which is used to advertise perfume and even clothing line of her own. Another advantage in this approach is that the brand can still be appealing to the crowds even after the celebrity has lost his or her looks as they won’t require visual recognition and aids in the long-term negotiations. The celebrity logo itself carries the style and attitude.

Millions of dollars are being invested by marketers to get the promotional support of super stars every year. Davie Brown Entertainment has an agency completely devoted to the purpose of choosing a celebrity for a product. They not only judge a celebrity’s caliber to affect brand affinity and consumer’s taste but also design the advertisements for the celebrities to feature in it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

London Brawling Pushy Paps Clash With Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones


What was supposed to be a glorious night in the UK for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jonesdegenerated into bedlam, when a photographer slammed into the actress outside their London hotel.
The Wall Street star, 66, his wife, 41, were in London, where Catherine received a prestigious CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) honor from Buckingham Palace. The celeb couple followed that up with a meal at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Claridge's hotel.
The sparks flew afterwards, as the couple was wading through a sea of paps to return to their room, when a photographer allegedly made contact with Zeta-Jones' face, causing her to scream out in pain.
A valiant Douglas -- still showing the physical effects in his recovery from stage IV throat cancer -- sprang into action to protect his wife.
Douglas last month told Matt Lauer the tumor in his throat is gone thanks to an eight-week regimen of radiation and chemotherapy.
"The odds are with the tumor gone, and what I know about this particular type of cancer, I've got it beat," he said.

Clippers Move Baron Davis To Cleveland Cavs For Mo Williams, Jamario Moon


Thursday (February 24) is the NBA trade deadline, and following the recent blockbuster moves involving Carmelo Anthony and Utah's Deron Williams, the Los Angeles Clippers made a big move before time was up.
Los Angeles' step-child team dealt point guard Baron Davis and their 2011 first-round draft pick to the league's worst team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, in exchange for guard Mo Williams and Jamario Moon, reports ESPN.
The Cavs announced the deal Thursday, three hours before the deadline.
According to ESPN, the deal saves the Clippers considerable money over the next two seasons, due to Davis' large salary -- he's owed nearly $28 million over the next two seasons and the balance of his $13 million contract this year.
The Clips also get a younger point guard in Williams, who made the All-Star team while playing with alongside LeBron James the past couple seasons.
Moon's contract expires after this season, while Williams is owed $9.3 million salary for this season, player options of $8.5 million for each of the next two years, ad could potentially get out of his contract altogether. So, basically, the L.A. team should have more options for flexibility in free agency the next two seasons.
However, its likely, the draft choice they gave up will be a top-10 pick. But a Cavs source told ESPN that the draft pick was the main reason for the trade, not Davis.
"We know we're going to have to build this team through the lottery," the source told the network. "We hope Baron works out, but our primary focus was the pick. We really wanted two top-10 picks to infuse the team with young talent."
Davis is one of the top point guards in the league, when he's engaged. But will the Cavs get that Davis, especially with the worst record in the NBA?
A source, who worked with Davis in the past, says the L.A. native will not be happy with the trade, explaining that he's leaving his home town just as he's getting comfortable.
"Baron won't be happy," the source said. "This is a worst-case scenario for him. He was just starting to get happy in L.A. playing with [Clippers rookie] Blake Griffin. There's not much to get excited about in Cleveland these days."

Lindsay Lohan Feels 'Beaten Up', Says Director Hoping To Launch Her Comeback


When a judge warned Lindsay Lohan that she is likely facing jail, the troubled star remained calm and collected, in reality she feels, "beaten up" and "unhappy" about possible prison time.
In an exclusive interview, director Nathan Folks -- the man hoping to launch her comeback -- says Lohan feels like the victim of a vicious publicity stunt after being accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace, and is determined to come back fighting.
"She feels beaten up," he told "I spoke with her after court and she was not happy with what happened. She just wanted to get on with her life and Lindsay can't do that until this is all over.
"What this jewelry store has done for publicity, has really got to her."
Folks -- who calls Lohan a good friend -- has cast the actress in her first post-rehab movie, Escaping The Game, and says she is determined to see it through to prove to people she's turned her life around.
"She is clean," he said. "She really wants this to be her comeback, and I want it to be for her. I'm convinced it will be and I will do everything in my power to make it happen.
"We don't know if she is going to jail, so for now the show must go on. In fact she is going to start training this weekend for all the action this movie is going to offer."
And if all goes well, Folks thinks the world has another Angelina Jolie on its hands.
"Her character is a strong woman. She will play an ex CIA agent, so she has to be tough. There will be lots of action and stunts, and she  has to be prepared.
"She will play a role like Angelina Jolie's character in Salt. And lets face it even Angelina went through a rough time in the beginning. She had a very dark time but got these type of roles and managed to  turn her life around.
"I believe this is what will happen to Lindsay, and she could be the next Angelina. If Lindsay heard people saying that about her, she would be over the moon. People need to believe in her.
"If she wasn't able to film because she was in jail, of course I would have to recast her. But I'm fighting for her all the way."
Folks is planning to start shooting in August and hopes the film will be released in March 2012.
Lindsay's next court appearance is Thursday, March 10 on her felony grand theft case.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tupac Biopic Set To Begin Filming In Late Spring


Finally, the anticipated Tupac biopic is reportedly set to begin production in late spring, or early this summer.
The news was announced by Morgan Creek Productions on Thursday (February 10), which also revealed that filming will take place in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, and Las Vegas.
Actors for the film have yet to be cast.
"The film chronicles the life and legacy of Tupac Shakur, including his rise to superstardom as a hip-hop artist and actor, as well as his imprisonment and prolific, controversial time at Death Row Records, where he was steeped in the East coast/West coast rap war," a statement from Morgan Creek read.
The film seems to be moving foward after problems between the Shakur estate and Morgan Creek, who were previously involved in a lawsuit over the rights to the Tupac story. Apparently, the matter was solved and both, Afeni's Amaru Entertainment and Morgan Creek appear to be working together in a cooperative manner.
In a statement, Afeni expressed her support for the production company.
"I am confident that Morgan Creek will stay true to the common goal we share of depicting Tupac's life in a way that will allow the world to see the authenticity of his artistry, his hopes, and his life goals," she said.
Training Day director Antoine Fuqua has signed on to direct the upcoming film, and has said previously that he hopes to cast an unknown to portray Tupac.
Tupac will be produced by James G. Robinson, David Robinson, and LT Hutton, while Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, serves as executive producer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Snoop Dogg Endorsing ‘Blunt Magic' Odor Reducing Rolling Spray


Snoop Dogg is continuing his ongoing list of endorsements by announcing a partnership with his latest venture Blunt Magic, an all-natural, odor reducing, flavored rolling spray.
The West Coast emcee known for his penchant for marijuana, is now the part owner of the Blunt Magic brand which makes and distributes what's described as a “safe and effective product” for reducing the smell of smoke output when smoking.
Made to spray directly on a smoking product, Blunt Magic is available in Grape or Blueberry flavor.
Speaking on his smell reducing product Snoop has released a statement saying,
“Roll Doggy style with Blunt Magic and see what it do. Check out our product online and in specialty smoke shops and let me know what you think.”

Blunt Magic plans to roll out additional Snoop-created flavors for added variety along with Snoop signature packaging.
Look for Blunt Magic on tour when the Doggfather sets out to promote his new album, Doggumentary and new single “Wet.”
It's available for purchase at local convenience stores, specialty smoke shops and online for $6.99/bottle

Elizabeth Taylor Hospitalized With Congestive Heart Failure


Elizabeth Taylor is back in the hospital, being treated for congestive heart failure. The legendary Hollywood star was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center several days ago, causing her to miss the annual AmFAR fundraiser where she was honored.
"Her family and close friends are appreciative of the warm support and interest of her loyal fans," Taylor's rep Sally Morrison said in a statement.
Taylor, 78, had a conversation with Kim Kardashian for the new issue of Harper's Bazaar.  Taylor joked that she never planned to "acquire a lot of jewels or a lot of husbands," although she certainly did both.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Actor Steven Seagal Takes Credit For Teaching Anderson Silva The Kick That Knocked Out Vitor Belfort. You Believe Him?


Video After The Jump

Wow, what a fight last night between Vitor Belfort and Anderson "The Spider" Silva.

Silva maintained his stranglehold on the middleweight division, defending his belt for the 8th time with a spectacular front kick knockout in the 1st round.

Belfort didn't seem to see the kick coming,

"He faked to the body and kicked to the head," Belfort said. "Anderson's a great fighter."

Actor Steven Seagal accompanied Silva to the ring and in a post-fight interview with Karyn Bryantwas very vocal about having taught him the kick that won the fight.

"I couldn't have been happier because right before he walked out I said stay away from him for the first 2 or 3 minutes... just kind of get him frustrated and then fake low and come high and do that kick that I've been teaching you... and kick him to the head or the face. He did exactly what I said and exactly what I wanted to happen happened." Seagal said.

While I have no doubt Seagal has a relationship with Silva and probably trains with him, it's very unusual for a trainer to try to take credit for a victory like Seagal seemed to do.

Seagal went on to say it's a kick he learned 30-40 years ago in Japan and he's since been perfecting it.

Do you believe Silva learned that knockout kick from Steven Seagal?WATCH VIDEO HERE!!!!!!!!!!! JUST CLICK THE TEXT

Birdman Places $1 Million Dollar Bet on the Green Bay Packers to Win Super Bowl XLV! Read more:


Birdman is playing no games about the Super Bowl! The Cash Money CEO has placed a $1 million dollar bet on the Green Bay Packers to win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, which goes down tonight in Dallas, TX.

Woman Claims Diddy Is Responsible For World Trade Center Collapse, Sues For $1 Trillion


Hip-hop mogul, Diddy, has been named in a rather odd lawsuit filed by a woman who accuses him of all kinds of outrageous claims ... and get this, wants a trillion dollars.
According to RadarOnline, court documents show that Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks is seeking a restraining order against Diddy (real name: Sean Combs), claiming that she previously dated him, had a child together, and later caused the collapse of the World Trade Center.
"[Diddy] went through Kim Porter and Rodney King and knocked down the WTC and then they all came and knocked my children down," Turks said in court docs. "Set me up to be on disability and disabled my baby. He put my baby in a wheelchair."
Apparently, Turks and Diddy have an alleged son together: Cornelius Wilson, 23 years old. She later says the hip-hop star, along with two others, raped her years ago and came back years later and did it again.
"He date raped me 24 years ago and knocked me down him and Kim Porter and Wallace Wright, then Sean Combs and Kim and Wallace Wright came back 18 years later and raped and sexually abused my children and knocked my children down and crushed me and my children daily," she wrote in a statement -- riddled with spelling and punctuation errors -- to RadarOnline.
Turks wants $900 billion dollars in child support, and $100 billion dollars for "loss of income."
Although a judge refused to issue a restraining order, a hearing date is set for January 31.
In other Diddy news, the hip-hop star is currently preparing for a guest role as an NYPD detective on the revamped CBS show "Hawaii Five-O," set to air this spring.
Diddy will play New York police detective Reggie Williams, who travels to Honolulu on a "solo mission to hunt for the men responsible for a crime against his family." While there, he runs into the members of the "Five-O" team.

Cleveland Cavaliers Set Record With 24-Game Losing Streak


The Cleveland Cavaliers just can't win this season, can they? They lost Lebron James in the off-season, and it's obviously time to rebuild, but with their lost to the Portland Trail Blazers Saturday night (February 5), they set an NBA recording for the longest losing streak in history.
In the 111-105, the Cavs reached a 24-game "L" streak, making them the new owners of the league's single-season mark for consecutive losses and have matched the record for overall losses in a row they previously set over 1981-82 and 1982-83.
The team has only won once since November 27th.
"It feels like a bad dream," guard Daniel Gibson told the Associated Press of the streak.
The team has an 8-43 record, the worst in the NBA, right below the Minnesota Timberwolves who hold an 11-39 record.
It's hard to imagine a team to manage such a horrible record, especially since they won more than 60 games the past two seasons and went deep in the playoffs. But ... that was when King James was on the roster.
Without him, they aren't much of a team.
"We have to figure out how to win these games," said Gibson, who has earned a much bigger role this season in James' absense. "We just have to keep trying until we do. It's not a matter of if, but when. We have to continue to play the way we're playing and things are going to change for us."
When? There's no telling, but probably not this season. Still, Gibson stays optimistic.
"Every team goes through a period like this," Gibson said. "No team stays at the top forever. At some point, you experience this."
Sorry guys...

Most Surprising New Couples


Omarosa & Michael Clarke Duncan
Say what you will about Omarosa, but it’s about daggone time she met a strong enough man! Surprising couple, “bad girl” Omarosa and “good guy” Michael Clarke Duncan, actually seem to make a good match.
Omarosa needs a physically and mentally strong man that can “tame” her (to use Donald Trump’s words) and be there for her, and Duncan seems to be just that


Hill Harper & Dollicia Bryan
Harper maybe dilly-dallying around with Dollicia Bryan. Whether they’re actually a formal couple is yet to be seen, but even the thought of them together is surprising. Harper is a thrice-Ivy League degreed friend of the president, while Bryan is a “video vixen.” No judgment there, really…until you consider that she’s also Bow Wow’s ex-girlfriend.

Brandy & Terrence J
FloRida, had seized Brandy’s heart earlier in 2010, but now she’s exchanged him for the cleaner-, leaner-looking Terrence J, actor and host of BET’s 106 & Park. Ain’t that some cuteness? Frankly, the “R&B princess-dating-a-rapper-thug” fad left with the ’90s, and though this new Brandy-Terrence J match is quite a shocker, it makes much more sense. Brandy’s a grown woman now, with a reputation to manage and a need for steady, decent loving.  


Gabby Sidibe & Boyfriend
“What Sidibe’s anonymous boyfriend could “really” want from her,” implying that he must only want her for her money and nothing else. While concerns about regular folks dating celebrities over money are valid (see entire Flavor Flav cast of women), we dare say that maybe Sidibe’s new boo just likes kicking it with her. Maybe he think she’s nice – unlike some of the McNasty Attitudees out there, and he likes to spend time with her. Sure they look physically different and that factor can be surprising, but are you or are you not happy for the couple


Jaime Pressly Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Charges


Jaime Pressly entered a plea of not guilty in a Los Angeles courtroom through her attorney Richard Hutton Friday, to two charges of driving under the influence.
The 33-year-old, who's appeared in films such as RingmasterNot Another Teen Movie, and Poor White Trash, was taken into custody January 5 in Santa Monica, after officers pulled her over on a routine traffic stop.
The North Carolina native had recently filed for divorce from her husband since September 2009, entertainment attorney Simran Singh.  A source close to the one-time couple told Us "they are done."
In addition to her aforementioned woes, the IRS is seeking more than $637,000 in Federal and state taxes she's past due on. The Emmy winning My Name is Earl beauty could face up to one year in jail if she's convicted on both charges

Funkmaster Flex Arrested Again For Assault


Funkmaster Flex was arrested today after a Westchester woman accused the NY Hot 97 radio personality of pushing her, breaking her phone and leaving harrassing messages.
According to TMZ, Flex was arrested and arraigned after having left the scene of the alleged incident.
Released on $500, Flex, whose real name is Aston Taylor,  received a restraining order, and will appear at a hearing later this month.
Having a record of beating up women, in 2002 he was charged for choking and assaulting  fellow radio personalityStef Lova.
Flex eventually copped out to a lesser charge of harassment.
It looks as if  "DJ Ike Turner" strikes again.

Anne Hathaway Needs to Bring the Sexy on Oscar Night


Anne Hathaway has some very important stylistic decisions to make over the next several weeks. As the youngest, sexiest and most overtly feminine host to grace Oscar's stage at the Kodak Theatre, she is entering uncharted sartorial territory.

While her co-host James Franco also skews younger (and yes, sexier) than past Oscar frontmen, he has the stylistic advantage of being a dude, which means he gets to wear a tuxedo. It won't be so easy for Anne.

Past female Oscar hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Whoopi Goldberg, both embraced a more masculine approach to Oscar fashion in muted tones, conservative frocks, tuxedos and suits. Whoopi did take the stage in a showgirl costume at one point during her hosting gig, but that has widely been considered a mistake.

So how can Hathaway channel her youthful sex appeal, while still being taken seriously as the host of the greatest pageant in Hollywood?
As a member of Team Lady, Anne has the advantage of being able to make several costume changes over the course of the evening. Gotham magazine Editor-in-Chief Samantha Yanks featured Hathaway on the mag's December cover and became intimately acquainted with her style sense.

"Anne does not have an allegiance to one designer. We've seen her over the years in some of the most impeccable gowns from Atelier Versace, Marchesa, Armani Prive and Valentino. Hathaway has stayed gorgeous but relatively safe in a sea of golds, silvers and blacks. A punch of color would be nice. We began to see corals and fushcia at the SAG Awards, and I bet we see more of it at the Oscars, potentially on Anne," Yanks says.

Polly Blitzer, editor-in-chief of Beauty Blitz Media, says the pressure on Anne for Oscar night is threefold. Physically she has to look immaculate, comically her timing has to be impeccable and most importantly, her wardrobe needs to be irreverent but not over the top.

The Thirteenth Amendment


Looking back on it now, it’s almost amazing to any modern American that we ever needed something like The Thirteenth Amendment.  The very fact that the United States government had to take this step to outlaw slavery in this country once and for all tells us that the more liberated way we think in modern times was not always the way life was viewed just a few hundred years ago.  In light of the long uphill struggle black history in this country represents, it is worthwhile to look back at this simple but powerful amendment which simply states…

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

This amendment to the constitution of the United States, along with the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments represent the most dramatic changes to the fundamental law of this land in regards to civil rights in American history.  And it took strong and courageous leadership by Abraham Lincoln to assure that these provisions were so imbedded into the core definition of what America was and is that there would never be a chance that slavery would rise again inside our borders.

The date to remember of the passage of this history Amendment is April 8, 1864.  It was the end of the civil war and the south lay in defeat, still separated from the north before reconstruction could begin the long task of making this nation one again.  The wisdom President Lincoln had to take action while the sounds of battle were still fresh in the ears of all Americans to set in stone the achievements of this bloody war cannot be overlooked.

Up until the Civil War, slavery was a common part of American life.  It is painful for all Americans, black and white, to look back on a time when most Americans considered it normal for one human being to own another.  While the many great strides for civil rights and equality in the decades to come would stand tall in black history, this very basic restoration of the right of African Americans to be treated as humans had to be a fundamental start to becoming full citizens of this great land.

And so with the guns of the Civil War just recently silenced by the North’s victory, President Lincoln moved swiftly to make slavery a thing of the past forever.  First, in 1863, he issued The Emancipation Proclamation stating in no uncertain terms that…

“all persons held as slaves within any State, or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.”

But despite the power of this proclamation, Lincoln knew that The Constitution had to be amended to make the good intent of the Emancipation Proclamation the irrevocable law of the land.  And so he championed The Thirteen Amendment through congress to assure that it was made law and that slavery could never again become a common and accepted part of American life.

It was an important start.  But we all know that true freedom was still had many more battles ahead of it.  When slave owners around the country, released their slaves, African Americans everywhere knew a freedom they had only dreamed of before.  But it was just one step in a long uphill struggle for equality and freedom that continues on to this day.  

Let us all look back on President Lincoln’s vision, forward thinking and courage and let it inspire similar vision and courage in us to find ways to make American society free and equal for all citizens, black, white and for all races, creeds and colors.  If we can achieve that, then we have done our part to join President Lincoln in seeking freedom for all men.

Jordon and Ali


Throughout black history, great black athletes have served as role models to America’s youth, in a way that may not have been possible for others leaders.  And to be sure, some of these great heroes of athletics have become virtually godlike to all sports fans, not just those in the black community.  Michael Jordon’s ability on the basketball field during his career at times seems to be virtually superhuman.  And the career of Mohammed Ali sent such a powerful message of black pride to black and white America that he virtually transformed social perception of the black man through sheer talent and attitude.

Before Mohammed Ali came along, the idea of a black boxer, even a very good black boxer becoming such a central figure for black pride seemed unlikely.  But Ali demonstrated something to the youth of the African American community that was so inspirational that it helped to transform their world view like no other public figure could have done.  

With his swagger and braggadocio, Ali stood out as a proud black man in such a way that had never been seen before.  His use of rhyme with such phrases as “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” to his self promotion maintaining “I’m pretty”, that sent a message to black and white admirer alike.  And that message was loud and clear.  Ali was black and he was proud and other black men and women in America have just as much reason to be proud as he was.

This was an important message because coming out of years of oppression, it was sometimes difficult for black youth to gain a sense of pride and the self assurance needed to get out there and be a success.  It took the work of great black role models such as Mohammed Ali to let them know that it is allowable for you to be proud and to be great as well.  For Ali didn’t back up his claims with just boasts.  He was truly a great black athlete as well.  So when Ali bragged that he was “pretty”, he showed that the way he fought truly was a thing of beauty.

That same excellence and how it has been used to inspire the black community can be found in the phenomenal career of Michael Jordon.  In the same way that Ali’s talent seemed to eclipse even the genre of boxing, Jordon was so phenomenal at basketball that he became an icon of excellence and skill and a role model for black youth across the country.  Both of these men recognized that God had given them this tremendous talent and the opportunities to reach their potential.  And they worked hard to be a role model to their community so others would be inspired to be their best as well.  

Moreover, great black sports heroes also provided healing by setting a high standard of excellence for sports fans of all races to admire.  It wasn’t just black sports fans who adored the work of Mohammed Ali and Michael Jordon.  They became true heroes to anyone to whom sports was an important part of life.

Sports is an arena where men and woman can come to socialize and find common ground.  Like entertainment, there is a world of sports that makes comrades of all who enjoy the exploits of sports heroes whether on the baseball diamond, the football field, the boxing arena or the basketball stadium.  And sports fans have a standard that they value their heroes that is based on talent, achievement and ability to do that one thing everybody in sports admires – to be a winner.  And Mohammed Ali and Michael Jordon were certainly embodiment of great black men who were also in every way winners.  And we all admire that regardless of race, color or creed.



Not everything that has to make a mark on the history of African American people is on the surface a positive thing.  But we know that there some very terrible things that happened to the black population in America that are undeniably a big part of the history of a people.  So any survey of black history could not be complete without a discussion of slavery.

Few peoples of the earth have such a profoundly humiliating event to become such a central part of their heritage and their past.  Yes, other tribes and races have endured slavery including the American Indian and the ancient Hebrews.  Perhaps slavery is even more pivotal to the psychology of the African American culture because it is the central historical event that launched their start as citizens of this country.

It was not a citizenship born in nobility and honor as many others can point to in America.  No to come to America as slaves is to have come to America with little more value to their fellow Americans than common livestock.  And to be sure, the lives of slaves in the first decades of American history were very harsh times.  Slaves were abused and denied anything that we might call today even basic human rights.  

It is hard to gain any perspective on such a heinous crime against humanity as slavery except to put in context that this barbaric practice did not originate in America but came to our shores as part of the background of many people including the Dutch, the French and the English.  

In some ways slavery was an evolution of the system of indentured servant hood in which an immigrant trades a certain number of years of service to a master in exchange for payment for their travel costs to come to America.  But in the case of Africans who were brought on ships as slaves, there was no desire to come in chains to serve as property until death.  

The impossibility of hope in that situation is almost impossible for any of us, black or white, in modern day America to grasp or appreciate.  But the efforts of slaves to free themselves and indeed to eventually do so using the Underground Railroad or other means is a testament to human will and that hope is something that is extremely hard to crush out in the human heart.

Has anything good come out of the legacy of slavery in this country?  Well, a bond that was formed in the hearts of a people was permanently cemented during those horrible years.  The music that the slaves used to keep their spirits alive has been passed to us as a rich legacy of spirituals that we cherish because they were born under inhuman suffering.   

One thing that was a permanent out come of slavery in the African American community was the sense of resolve to never go back to such a time and a fight that was burned deep into the soul of a people to fight no matter how long or how hard to gain the civil rights of full citizens in this country.  This would not have happened so profoundly had the peoples who came here and were identified solely by skin color not have endured slavery together.  Before the various peoples who became slaves were pressed into service, they were from many tribes and many people all across Africa and beyond.  Their nationalities were tribal and they had the normal pride of a people, customs, family relationships and history that any people will have.  That all was ripped away when they were taken into slavery.

But in the void left by those crucial relationships, a new brotherhood of African Americans was born.  And the pride that has risen up in this new nation is strong and has continued to build throughout the decades.  It is built on proud history and proud leadership.  There has been much struggle and more difficulties and everything is not perfect by any measure.  But the African American people can be proud of how far the culture has come and use that pride to press on toward greater accomplishments in the future.

Martin Luther King's Dream


In the history of any great people, sometimes there is a singular moment that so sums up that struggle and challenges the hearts of the people of the time that this moment becomes one that is both historic and mythical.  In the long history the African American in this country, one such singular moment was the delivery of what has come to be referred to as the “I have a dream” speech during the historic March on Washington in August of 1963.

There are many things about this speech that are so poetic that the text of the speech has become one of the great historic texts of the nation’s history as well as of black history.  That is why virtually any school child can recite the most stirring words from the speech which are…
And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.  It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.  I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”  I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. 
What is most striking about this text if you read the entire text is the hope.  And it’s a wonderful tradition for every family to read this speech, perhaps on Martin Luther’s King’s birthday which is now a national holiday.  Dr. King called upon his people to look up and look with hope toward tomorrow.  But more than that, he called on all people to work together toward a shared hope, a hope of fulfilling the American dream that he discusses with such passion in his words.

The setting for the speech was on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, within view of the Congress, the reflecting pool and the White House on the National Mall in the center Washington D.C.  Dr. King called it hallowed ground reflecting his deep reference and respect for the icons of this country and his deep love of country which too comes through in the speech.

But it is a speech of struggle because he spoke of the fact that black people in America were still not living in an openly free and equal status with all other citizens.  Dr King did not loose touch with the reality of the tough lives African Americans were living in the United States.  That is why this speech is so perfectly crafted and so perfectly delivered.  It combines the harsh reality and resolve by black leaders and the African American population to make the world better for themselves and their children with a hope and an optimism that this was a country that would not put up with the oppression and discrimination that has kept black people down ever since slavery.

It is a speech that issued a call to action in the time frame of “Now” which was a call to action that many in the houses of power in our country took heed.  They did take action immediately to get the process of renewal and repair of a broken social system moving in the right direction.  One of the outcomes of this speech was the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 which changed the fabric of the country forever in the legal restrictions it put on discrimination in every aspect of American life.

If it had not been for the “I have a dream” speech, the March on Washington on that hot and humid August day might have just been another in the many protests and events of the civil rights era.  Instead it became an iconic moment in American and black history that changed Dr. King into a national hero for black and white people alike and energized a movement and a nation to take matters into their own hands and make thing better for all people.