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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Woman Claims Diddy Is Responsible For World Trade Center Collapse, Sues For $1 Trillion


Hip-hop mogul, Diddy, has been named in a rather odd lawsuit filed by a woman who accuses him of all kinds of outrageous claims ... and get this, wants a trillion dollars.
According to RadarOnline, court documents show that Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks is seeking a restraining order against Diddy (real name: Sean Combs), claiming that she previously dated him, had a child together, and later caused the collapse of the World Trade Center.
"[Diddy] went through Kim Porter and Rodney King and knocked down the WTC and then they all came and knocked my children down," Turks said in court docs. "Set me up to be on disability and disabled my baby. He put my baby in a wheelchair."
Apparently, Turks and Diddy have an alleged son together: Cornelius Wilson, 23 years old. She later says the hip-hop star, along with two others, raped her years ago and came back years later and did it again.
"He date raped me 24 years ago and knocked me down him and Kim Porter and Wallace Wright, then Sean Combs and Kim and Wallace Wright came back 18 years later and raped and sexually abused my children and knocked my children down and crushed me and my children daily," she wrote in a statement -- riddled with spelling and punctuation errors -- to RadarOnline.
Turks wants $900 billion dollars in child support, and $100 billion dollars for "loss of income."
Although a judge refused to issue a restraining order, a hearing date is set for January 31.
In other Diddy news, the hip-hop star is currently preparing for a guest role as an NYPD detective on the revamped CBS show "Hawaii Five-O," set to air this spring.
Diddy will play New York police detective Reggie Williams, who travels to Honolulu on a "solo mission to hunt for the men responsible for a crime against his family." While there, he runs into the members of the "Five-O" team.

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