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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Most Surprising New Couples


Omarosa & Michael Clarke Duncan
Say what you will about Omarosa, but it’s about daggone time she met a strong enough man! Surprising couple, “bad girl” Omarosa and “good guy” Michael Clarke Duncan, actually seem to make a good match.
Omarosa needs a physically and mentally strong man that can “tame” her (to use Donald Trump’s words) and be there for her, and Duncan seems to be just that


Hill Harper & Dollicia Bryan
Harper maybe dilly-dallying around with Dollicia Bryan. Whether they’re actually a formal couple is yet to be seen, but even the thought of them together is surprising. Harper is a thrice-Ivy League degreed friend of the president, while Bryan is a “video vixen.” No judgment there, really…until you consider that she’s also Bow Wow’s ex-girlfriend.

Brandy & Terrence J
FloRida, had seized Brandy’s heart earlier in 2010, but now she’s exchanged him for the cleaner-, leaner-looking Terrence J, actor and host of BET’s 106 & Park. Ain’t that some cuteness? Frankly, the “R&B princess-dating-a-rapper-thug” fad left with the ’90s, and though this new Brandy-Terrence J match is quite a shocker, it makes much more sense. Brandy’s a grown woman now, with a reputation to manage and a need for steady, decent loving.  


Gabby Sidibe & Boyfriend
“What Sidibe’s anonymous boyfriend could “really” want from her,” implying that he must only want her for her money and nothing else. While concerns about regular folks dating celebrities over money are valid (see entire Flavor Flav cast of women), we dare say that maybe Sidibe’s new boo just likes kicking it with her. Maybe he think she’s nice – unlike some of the McNasty Attitudees out there, and he likes to spend time with her. Sure they look physically different and that factor can be surprising, but are you or are you not happy for the couple


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