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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Naughty Barbie: Adults Admit Ken and Barbie Used to Get it On

  Admit it, you used to hide away in your room and make Ken and Barbie "kiss" for hours.  Or maybe it was Ken and Ken, or Barbie and Barbie?  You didn't? Ah well... then you're most likely in the minority.  Over at Jezebel, they're having all kinds of fun going down Barbie's naughty memory lane...
As parents, it may be somewhat uncomfortable to recall that many of us had sensual/sexual feelings at a young age.  We tend to block out that information (even though we may be presented with daily evidence to the contrary).  Today's society also necessitates a manic vigilance when it comes to kids and sexuality (witness "Sex Kitten 69" t-shirts seen on 8 year olds at the mall).  So that parental watchfulness is unfortunately necessary.
And yet.   Children play doctor and Barbie didn't always play in the kitchen. I have fond memories of hiding away with a neighbor girl for hours (Laurel.. sigh).  She and I played "family" with Barbie and Ken... which mostly involved Ken and Barbie fooling around (as much fooling around as an 8 year old can imagine), kissing, and yelling at their kids.  Those are some of my fondest memories. My parents wondered why I played sometimes for six hours at a stretch, my usually endless chatter silenced.  Barbie and Ken (and Laurel) know my sweet secret.Logos And Banner DESIGNS 5.00 Click Here!!!!

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