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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


        RULES & THE GAME 
               THE  HOOD  IS  A  PRISON                               
                  BY COLEMAN     


First let me introduce my self im Travon AKA Tiny Ron Ron and im a gang member not a gang banger but, 
I state member because once you in your for ever a marked man even if your a family man and want another life. 
threw out this ebook i will tell you the rules of the game in my world, the dark side of sociaty. i may be looked
at by some as a disloyal person by exsposing true facts about the gang life style and its celebration of death and foolishness.
Im 28 year old now and ive been on a straight path for 8years ive done it all from selling drugs to just about anything.
but it wasent always like that beleave it or not. i went to private school from 10 years old to 13 and was very innocent.
BUT in my world you never stay that way,its almost impossible. i hit me first joint when i was 14 and started gangbangin.
i was being influence no dought but i had to make a choice yeah i might have been a doctor but where i come from kids dont see doctors.
but they see you most of the time if you know what i mean.i begain fighting every other day behind hood politics, from puting on other youngsters
to showing a person what not to do in the rules of gang bangin game.



1.You must always keep a good rep in the streets but do you best because you could be the man for 20 years and a new youngster will take your spot in a mintue.

2.remmber being to quick to put in work is a error and once the older guys see your quick to ride you will be a front liner and a front liner stays out when the war is on.
nothing is wrong with being a front liner if you are ready to die and have no more appetite for life!

3.never ever snitch on a crime partner that is a sign signiture on you death note beleave me ive seen the best of the worst killed behind this some there whole family.

4.always look at your homies in the eyes and never compermize your words at no cost if you say when i see killer i going to fuck him up you better fuck him up!if you dont you will be tested .

5.never stand infront of your house and never let your homiez because once the rivals see them or you infront of your home your family is in danger,and they will know just where to find you
even if you takeing out the trash be watchful many people in the hood have died at 6.00 in the morning.

6.always keep a pistol on you or in a stash spot in your car because understand its many people that would luv to see you dead in the hood.Not to mention the police want to see you in jail.
So again you have to make a choice what would you rather do die or go to jail for 8 months to a 1 year for haveing a gun not registerd.

7.never set up shop meaning sell drugs in some one elses hood its disrespectful and can get you robbed or killed i once try that and good thing my hood got along with the hood i was in and a
older guy from the other hood gave me this rule that im giveing to you.

8.never think just because older people that put in work and staying alive have been keeping it real all the time. because to me all the real niggas are ether dead or in jail ask you homies they will tell you dont trust no one peace!

9.never beleave anyone that says they got love for you in this game because this game is doggy dog.
what mean is half thease guys that says this dont love they self they there self feels traped and bitter. ever wonder why OGs can go to a rivals hood and be respected because simple, OGs offten deals with
other hoods on a bizzness level this info im giveing is vital and a eye opener for the youth! 


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