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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oksana 'Broke' & Languishing In Debt; Forced To Borrow $24K From Friends

Oksana Grigorieva is complaining that he has "no money" and has even had to borrow $24,000 from close friends to help pay off a credit card debt, has exclusively learned.
While a Los Angeles judge has ordered Mel Gibson to boost his child support payments to $20,000-a-month from the $5,000 he'd been giving the mother of his illegitimate child, Oksana is still trapped under a mountain of debt -- close to $100,000.
She is more than $40,000 overdrawn on one line of credit, according to a close confidante.
"Oksana has no money," said the source, who is close to the Russian musician.
In addition to Mel's monthly loot, to cover 12-month-old Lucia's round-the-clock security, plus the usual necessities like food and medical care, Oksana receives $2500-a-month from the father of her teenage son, Timothy Dalton, has learned.
"But Oksana has very little income," added the source."In recent time, her only income has come from a photo syndication deal with an agency that took photos of her and Lucia, after she was born.
"Even then, the payments are in the hundreds - not the thousands."
As revealed, Oksana wants to move out of the Sherman Oaks, California, home where she has lived - rent - free since beginning a relationship with the Oscar winning actor and director.The musician, 40, wants Mel to fork out an additional $15,000-a-month for a new rental.
But we've learned the Lethal Weapon star is only willing to pay $6,000-a-month.
"The discrepancy between the price differences could mean Oksana will ask the judge in their court case to increase the monthly child support so she can move to a new rental house," said the source

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