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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beanie Sigel Lashes Out At Dame Dash


Beanie Sigel lashed out at Dame Dash recently. The former music mogul hadn’t been the target of any of the East Coast rapper’s freestyles, so when interviewed by Star & Buc Wild from Philly’s Hot 100.3, Star commented on Sigel’s loyalty to Dash. But the radio personality was quickly corrected and Sigel said that Dash owes him several million dollars.
“I ain’t loyal to DameDame owes me some money,” said Beans. “My lawyer found [out] about $11 million that Dame Dash stole from me. I mean, he filed bankruptcy. I have a piece of paper that say he owes me some money, but who wants to go through that…I haven’t seen or talked to Dame in roughly five years. Almost six.”
In the past, Dash had shown up to Sigel’s court appearances, however, according to the Philly MC that had nothing to do with Dame’s allegiance to him but more to do with getting people on his side during the breaking up of Roc-A-Fella.
“That was a façade,” explained Beans. “That was smoke and mirrors. It wasn’t about Beanie Sigel. That was the Jay-ZDame Dash breaking up [that’s what brought] Dame there everyday…if you couldn’t have Jay-Z, who was the next person you’d have? So, yeah, I seen through that. You can’t pimp me.”
Thus far Dash hasn’t responded to Beans’ allegations.

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