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Monday, December 13, 2010

Janet Jackson Remembers TuPac

  In a recent interview Janet Jackson did for a British newspaper, the singer revealed a softer side of the legendary deceased rapper. You may remember Janet worked alongside Tupac, back in 1993, during the filming of “Poetic Justice.”

Here’s what Janet revealed of her experience with Tupac:

“Pac was just silly. He was completely different from what people knew. Not that it was an act, the person the world knew, because that was him, too.
I adored him-he liked to play and laugh. I remember when he said he was
going back to L.A. to get a tattoo. And I said, ‘Why are you going to
L.A. We’re not suppose to leave, we have a shoot tomorrow.’ He looked at
me and said, ‘Square!’ When he came back he showed me the tattoo he got
on his stomach. He was sweet. Granted, there was another side,but he
wouldn’t snap or go crazy out of nowhere. There had to been something
that triggered that. I miss him.”

People are so hypocritical — this is the same person who Pac called a phony. Dude said when during the filming of “Poetic Justice”, he and Janet were cool — speaking on the phone almost everyday, he said once the filming of the movie was over she changed her telephone numbers and
acted like she never knew him. That’s Hollywood for you — everyone out
here is two-faced, and I believe the only reason why Janet is saying
such nice things about the legendary deceased rapper/actor is because
next September a movie chronicling TuPac’s life will be a movie and will
be released on the anniversary of his death. The movie is expected to
be a blockbuster, and that’s the only reason why Janet is riding the
TuPac wave.

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